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Ljiljana Burčul – Lily was born in Belgrade, where she earned her Master’s degree at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Her love for aesthetics and creativity has always been visible and has been awarded many times.

He started walking along the Silk Road in 1997, when he decided to devote himself completely to his passion for applied art. Lily’s lavish talent has translated not only into paintings on timelessly beautiful silk but also into many spheres of design.

Painting thin silk threads that always vibrate slightly is more like painting on water. While the very act of creation with special colors, alcohol, water and salt, reminds of the alchemical processes of gold formation. By creating unique works, Lily creates and perfects herself anew.

She developed a unique technique of working on silk, additionally decorating it with Swarovski crystals, glass, quartz and gold. In this way, she achieves beautiful effects of the play of light on the paintings, which can best be seen and felt when her works are observed live.

Lila’s philosophy of life rests on Love, as the basic element of creation, and the continuous aspiration to translate Beauty and Harmony into Art. Thus, Art for her is not only a form of expression, but also a way of life.

The silk caravan is joined by works on various materials with new combined techniques, and so on

Lily Silk grows into the Lilium Stellam brand. With this, the artist unites all her creative works in her metaphysical fairy tale.

Exibitions – Worldwide

Exibitions – Domestic


 – 2008 – “Kalfensko pismo” za rad na svili
– 2008 – Pohvalnica za doprinos i afirmaciju društva “Vizantija
– 2008 – Priznanje “Vizantijski odbljesci
– 2009 – “Blagodarje
– 2011 – Priznanje “Vizantijski odbljesci
– 2011 – Zlatna povelja Asocijacije srpskih umetnika
– 2019 – International Contemporary Art Cannes Prize


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